Membership Benefits – Small Chemical Businesses Division (SCHB) of the American Chemical Society



Members’ Links pages
Add your business URL and/or e-mail on the SCHB Members’ page – Please send your address and a description of your site (no more than 50 words) to Webmaster David Deutsch at


Be featured in Small Chem Biz newsletter
You can contribute news to our Newsletter or advertise in its pages.  You may write about your business up to 250 words and include a photograph, such as a head shot, or a product or view of your business.  Send your news to our Newsletter Editor Adam Sussman,PhD at:


Other Benefits:
Eligible to hold SCHB office and shape the direction of the organization
• Receive Monthly e-blast newsletter
• Receive Semiannual newsletter Small Chem Biz
• Be rewarded Scholarship for ACS Leadership Institute courses
• Amazing networking opportunities at ACS meetings
• Additional networking via social media, such as ACS Network, Linked-In, Twitter, and Facebook



SCHB Div. Dues:
• ACS (Regular) Member $15.00

• Division Affiliate $15.00

• Society Affiliate $20.00

• Student (Graduate / Undergraduate) $5.00

• ACS Emeritus
Member $7.50

• Patron $200.00
Become a Patron Member


Membership Categories:

Regular Member: A person that has a degree or certification in chemical or related sciences; or certification as a teacher of a chemical science.

Division Affiliate: Division Member that is not an ACS member.

Society Affiliate: A person who is not eligible to become a member of the Society but whose major vocational effort is directly concerned with the practice of a chemical science.


Student Member:
(a) Graduate Student Member – A person who is a full-time graduate student, majoring in a chemical science or a related academic discipline.

(b) Undergraduate Student Member – A person actively working toward an undergraduate degree in chemistry or in a related academic discipline.

Emeritus Status: A national ACS member who has been granted Emeritus status in the division.


Patron Member: Firms that wish to foster the Division’s objectives as defined in the SCHB Bylaws II, Section 3, may become Patrons of the Division. Become a Patron Member