FORM 990-N



These guidelines apply to all reimbursement requests for the disbursement of SCHB funds. Requests which are outside these guidelines will be brought to the Executive Committee by the Treasurer for discussion and decision. SCHB opts into the ACS Councilor reimbursement program and has adopted specific Councilor reimbursement procedures.

Reimbursement shall only be made for actual, documented expenditures, regardless of budgeting or ACS Councilor rates.
-While expenses less than $25 USD do not require receipts, if you have them, include them. For example, an Uber ride will always provide a receipt, so include it. If you tip cash but pay by card, explain the difference in the NOTES.

Maximum reimbursement will be at the rate authorized by the Executive Committee, which may be as listed on the Instructions to the Reimbursement Form, budgeted, provided by ACS for Councilor, or approved as part of a program approval.

Councilor will be reimbursed for round-rip travel and meeting-related lodging, meals, and expenses to attend the Council meeting. The total eimbursement to the Councilor shall not exceed 1.2 times the ACS maximum reimbursement. Councilor is not eligible for reimbursement for attending an Executive Committee meeting associated with a National Meeting.

Travel to national, regional, or special meetings shall be reimbursed as follows for all eligible members unless separately listed and addressed.
– Round-trip travel at less than business-class (economy) rates will be reimbursed.
– Local travel to meeting by automobile will be reimbursed at the IRS mileage rate.

Distance as measured by (1) actual odometer readings or (2) Google Maps will be used for local transportation. Cite method in the expense NOTES.
o When air travel is feasible, but car travel is used, the amount reimbursed shall not exceed the cost of a less than business-class (economy) round trip ticket. Such cost should be listed in the NOTES and verified with documentation.

Lodging and meals will be reimbursed for one (1) night, to provide for attending the Executive Committee meeting. No lodging or meals will be provided for additional nights unless approved SCHB business is conducted. Presenting a paper is not approved SCHB business.

Program Chair will be reimbursed for round-trip travel plus one (1) night meals and lodging for each day of actual programming, up to the budgeted amount.

Committee Chairs will be reimbursed for round-trip travel plus one (1) night meals and lodging to attend and report to the Executive Committee meeting up to the budgeted amount.

SCHB official representative(s) at regional meetings or special events will be reimbursed for round-trip travel plus one (1) night meals and lodging for each day of actual SCHB programming or event, up to the budgeted amount.

Transmitting Reimbursement Requests
– Send all documents to the Treasurer
-The SCHB Reimbursement Request form must be used.
– The Reimbursement Request form can be either an Excel or PDF file
– All receipts should be in a single PDF file

-All file names should contain your name and the event name
-Councilor reimbursement requests must be submitted within 10 days following
the Council meeting.
-All non-Councilor reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than three
weeks after the official end of the event. Late requests will not be honored.


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