The abstract submission deadline for the San Francisco meeting is approaching: October 31, 2016. While abstracts can be added during the symposium organizer review, space can be limited and it is best to submit your abstract early. SCHB is planning six oral symposia and one poster session:


  • Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology, Advanced Materials, Drug Discovery & Information Systems,

Patrick Kearney, Barry A. Bunin

  • Chemists and Writing for Fun and Profit: Write Your Own Career, Lisa Balbes
  • International Discovery and Development Collaborations, Mukund Chorghade
  • Nobel Prize Winning Discoveries that Revolutionized Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems and

Processes (invited only), Mukund Chorghade

  • Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Food, and Beverage, Joe Sabol and Kevin Goodner
  • Cannabis: A Growing Sector for Commercial Enterprises and Employment, Erika Oltermann
  • Entrepreneurs Poster Session and Sci-Mix, George Ruger


To submit your abstract, go to and logon with you ACS ID. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate symposium organizer, listed at or contact SCHB Program Committee



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