About Us

SCHB: Where all the elements come together for a successful chemical business

The ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB) has objectives “To aid in the formation, development, and growth of small chemical businesses.”

SCHB helps chemists working in small enterprises, including self-employed, with the legal, social, educational, legislative, regulatory, and economic aspects of their unique professional status. SCHB serves as a clearinghouse of information, a forum for discussion, and a liaison between small businesses and students.

SCHB has informative programs at ACS national and regional meetings, provides valuable member-only content, including discounted expo booth space at national meetings, and, most of all, a strong network of members from whom you can draw on for inspiration and support.

See what SCHB is doing and what it can do for you.
SCHB is only as strong as its members – contact an SCHB officer for more information on how you canĀ join and help.