About this event

Advanced Material innovations will be required across the energy and commodity chemical sectors to sustain our current and future levels of consumption.

Within the Chemical sector there is a growing awareness that we as a society must transition into a circular economy. We can not continue to employ materials manufactured from constrained resources and must transition to inputs derived from renewable resources. In a complimentary fashion, when products reach end of life the materials must become inputs to the manufacture of new products.

In a similar fashion the delivery of energy requires a closed loop approach. Society will eventually have to transition to a renewable strategy either due to declining energy rich fuel sources or the environmental impact resulting from the combustion of those fuels. Advanced materials will be essential to create those closed loop energy systems and to make the closed loop cycles more efficient.


This virtual event, which is hosted by the Chemical Angel Network, is geared toward investors, entrepreneurs, and members of the business, startup and innovation communities. Attendees can expect to hear about early-stage investing, organizations that support the ecosystem and companies developing new “Hard Science” solutions in the Advanced Materials sector.


The program will kick off with a keynote address

The keynote will be followed by two panel discussions:

Panel 1: Investing in Early Stage Hard Science Companies

Panel 2: Resources for Entrepreneurs

The MAIN EVENT will be elevator presentations by invited companies and virtual booths (breakout rooms) for companies.

Companies interested in presenting can apply by submitting an application for funding at theĀ Chemical Angel Network.