ACS Spring 2021 National Meeting

Abstract submission is now open for ACS Spring 2021 Virtual National Meeting. Live events will be held over two weeks, April 5-16. Go to to see SCHB’s symposium, which includes:

  • Advancing International Chemical Business
  • Ideas from Mind to Market
  • Climate Public Policy
  • Starting a Company: Insights from Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Chemical Business Poster Session

Other symposia that SCHB is cosponsoring are:

  • BMGT Chemical Angel Network
  • COLL Industry/Academia Dialogue
  • ENFL Advances in Renewable Energy and Fuels
  • IE&C Lessons Learned from Starting a Chemical-related Business
  • PROF COVID: Lessons Learned

More symposia can be added and the full list is found at If you have any questions, feel free to contact the division program chair at the above link.

The deadline for abstract submission for all symposia is January 19, 2021. Registration is $99 for members and $29 for students. More details will be released later.



We are pleased to bring you a fully virtual ACS Meeting for ACS Spring 2021 on April 5-16, 2021.
Additional information is available on our FAQ page.
ACS Spring 2021 Virtual National Meeting
April 5-9 & 12-16, 2021
Go to the SCHB Contact Us page and send a message to the SCHB Program Committee