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MARM will be June 9-12, in Riverdale NY. SCHB is sponsoring Entrepreneur’s Tool-Kit, organized by Mukund Chorghade, David Deutsch, and George Ruger. See C&EN January 18, p.34

44th marm


44th Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM 2016) – June 9 – June 12, 2016

College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, New York


FRIDAY MORNING, June 10, 2016

College of Mount Saint Vincent, 310, Founder’s Hall

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Resources & True Stories

Cosponsored by SCHB‡

  1. Chorghade, D. J. Deutsch, G. W. Ruger, Organizers, Presiding

9:00 52. Lessons learned through SCHB’s Palladium Science Academy. G.W. Ruger

9:30 53. Entrepreneurship through STEM outreach. C.B. Monroe

10:00 54. Chemistry and alternative career opportunities. C.J. Abraham

10:30 Intermission.

11:00 55. Establishing an IP position for new life science companies. T. Walls

11:30 56. From dream to reality: The experiences which led to the creation of a small

chemical enterprise. L.M. Burke

12:00 57. An entrepreneurial journey: Creating the quantified skin category. A Fitbit

for your skin! R. Mehendale