We would like to invite you to a workshop on Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis of total scattering data from powder samples.

The use of PDF has seen a lot of attention lately, as it is a powerful tool that allows for the determination of local structure information of materials, even if they are not crystalline. Many National Labs have user facilities that grant access for users to collect high quality data and more recently some lab diffractometers have been equipped to collect total scattering data for this purpose.

We welcome anyone who would like to come and hear about how to collect total scattering data, how to process it into a PDF, and what information can be determined from that data.

  • Have PDF or total scattering data? – let us know, then, bring it (whether it has been processed or not)

  • Interested in using this technique in your research? – let us know, then send us sample.  We will measure using our diffractometer and help you process and analyze.

  • Want to take the workshop? – contact Wesley Surta (Surtat@oregonstate.edu)

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

This event sponsored in part by Rigaku America