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NORM, with theme Chemistry Under the Midnight Sun, will be June 26-29 in Anchorage AK. SCHB is sponsoring Entrepreneurs Tool Kit, organized by Janet Bryant and Joe Sabol. See

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Monday, June 27, 2016 – Egan Center Room 7

Entrepreneurs’ Tool Kit: Resources and True Stories

Sponsored by Division of Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB)

‡ J. L. Bryant, Organizer

J. E. Sabol, Organizer, Presiding

8:30 Introductory Remarks.

8:35 Building an effective technology transfer operation to support small business development. P.K. Dorhout, C. Brandt, K. Glasscock

9:00 Introduction to Northwest Green Chemistry, a Pacific Northwest resource center for entrepreneurs and businesses. A. Nestler, L. Heine

9:25 Working for yourself is neither easy nor difficult, you just need to find your zone. J.E. Sabol

9:50 Intermission.

10:30 The chemistry entrepreneur’s toolkit: Tips and tricks to maximize ACS meeting and other resources. J.M. Sophos, J.L. Bryant

10:55 Investing 101: What are angel investors? J.C. Giordan 11:20 Concluding Remarks.



Monday, June 27, 2016 – Egan Center Room 7

Entrepreneurs’ Tool Kit:

Resources and True Stories Sponsored by SCHB

‡ J. E. Sabol, Organizer

J. L. Bryant,

J. C. Giordan, Organizers, Presiding

2:30 Introductory Remarks.

2:35 Opening overview: Chemists using business acumen and transformative research to address societal needs with chemistry business solutions. J.C. Giordan 2:50 Panel 1: Industry perspectives. J.C. Giordan (Moderator), M. Dolgos, D.W. Johnson, A. Hinkle, A. Schauss

3:30 Facilitated Q&A.

3:50 Overview for panel 2: Educating and preparing students for careers in innovation.. J.C. Giordan

4:00 Panel 2: Unique programs at the CSMC to train the next generation of innovators, while also promoting the translation of basic research for societal benefit. J.C. Giordan (Moderator), S. Saha, J. Amador, D.P. Leonard, I. Rodriguez Perez 4:40 Facilitated Q&A.

5:00 Concluding Remarks.

5:05 Office Hours: Meet the speakers and ask more personalized questions.


All Speakers from AM & PM Sessions of the Entrepreneurs’ Tool Kit:

Resources and True Stories

Please all visit our Expo Booth for information on the ACS Divisions of BMGT and SCHB.