SCHB at the ACS Expo at National Meetings

Get Maximum Value from your National Meeting Attendance!

At the ACS 252nd National Meeting in Philadelphia, SCHB will be exhibiting at a Booth (# to be determined) at the ACS Expo. Please visit us there.


Also, we have room now in the Small Businesses Row, for your booth. But, you need to follow these rules:

1. Booth sales will soon be open to the public. Companies can select a booth space in the Small Chemical Businesses Rows for the 2016 Fall expo. These booths are identical to all others in the ACS Expo, but are in a specific location.
2. For companies applying for a booth in the Small Chemical Businesses Rows, their company must employ 50 chemical professionals or less.
3. The fee is $1,500 for the companies that will apply directly to ACS. However, when companies reserve a booth through the Booth Chair of the SCHB, their fee is only $500 (for first-time exhibitors only), and ACS will not charge any additional booth fees. To qualify for the SCHB rate, the Owner or another company employee must be a Member of SCHB. (Membership details.) You must also must show proof of adequate liability insurance (in the amount of $1 million) that protects against all risks that may occur.
4. Each booth is 10’ x 10’ and is equipped with a 6-ft draped table, two chairs, and carpet. Each exhibitor in the SCHB row will be entitled to 4 exhibitor badges and 1 technical session pass (a value of about $420 alone).
5. There is no time limit to sign up for a booth. Booths will be sold as long as they are available. But, there is an advantage for being early.
6. All members desiring to register for expo booths should contact Dr. Niteen Vaidya, Booth Coordinator, by email (


These Small Business member firms exhibited last August in Boston on Small Businesses Row: CreaGen Biosciences, Inc. (website) at Booth 1253, Deep Pharm-Chem Pvt. Ltd (website) at Booth 1243, Neo-Advent Technologies, LLC (website) at Booth 1240, ViridisChem, Inc. (website) at Booth 1329, and the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (website) at Booth 1331.

ACS Expos in 2016: Fall Philadelphia (Aug. 21-23)

and, in 2017: Spring San Francisco (Apr. 2-4) & Fall Washington, DC (Aug. 20-22).

At future ACS National Meeting Expositions, you too can participate in the Small Chemical Businesses Row, located within a dedicated area on the Expo floor. The SCHB booth is usually the anchor for the Small Chemical Businesses Row. ACS promotes each company’s participation by providing a corporate listing in C&EN, as well as the onsite program, and the online directory. Download booth flyer.


If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to promote your company at future ACS Expositions (the next one is the 252nd National Meeting in Philadelphia, August 2016), contact Dr. Niteen Vaidya, SCHB Booth Coordinator at

Click here for a summary of the ACS Small Chemical Businesses Row Expo rules.

Dr. Niteen Vaidya
SCHB Booth Coordinator